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COVID-19 Heroes: Supporting Care Givers and People Needing Help

Countless companies and people of the energy supply chain continue to generously step forward to contribute their time, talents, resources and technology to help people in their communities and care givers cope with the severe disruptions to lives and livlihoods caused by COVID-19. Here are some shining examples of their commitment to their communities during the coronavirus crisis. If you have a story to suggest or feedback to share, please let us know using the page at this link.

  • U.S. Pipeline, Inc. Gives Food to Needy in West Virginia
  • Baker Hughes Brings Its Formidable Technology for Times of Crisis
  • Primoris Services Corporation Supports COVID-19 First Responders
  • Michels Corp. Donates Laptops for Students' Online Learning
  • Henkels & McCoy Feeds the Hospital Night Shift
  • UGI Leadership Team and Board Members to Donate $350,000 to Pennsylvania Food Banks
  • Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation's Community Contributions During COVID-19
  • UGI Energy Services Develops Virtual Food Drives in Partnership With Area Food Banks
  • SleevesUp - ArmsOut: UGI Energy Services Partners With American Red Cross on "Powered to do More" Program
  • Caterpillar Commits $8.5M to Global COVID-19 Response Efforts
  • ExxonMobil Contributions to Houston-Area Food Banks to Provide One Million Meals
  • How Baker Hughes Brought a 1960s ventilator back to fight COVID-19
  • Packs For Hunger Receives $20,000 Donation From XTO Energy
  • ExxonMobil donating 160K gallons of hand sanitizer

  • Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation's Community Contributions During COVID-19

    CEO_RFB_green-orange_logo.jpeg Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Funds

    Cabot contributed $250,000 in NAP funds to the Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank for 2020. After allocating the majority of the funds to other food insecurity missions across northeast PA, there was $50,000 of unallocated funds. Cabot directed the Weinberg Food Bank to immediately put those funds towards communities with increased needs due to COVID-19.

    Personal Protective Equipment

    Cabot and GDS procured various types of PPE and delivered it to facilities across northeast Pennsylvania. The PPE included:

  • 150 Tyvek Barrier suits to Endless Mountains Health Systems (EMHS)
  • 300 pairs of protective eyewear to EMHS, Tyler Memorial, Wayne Memorial
  • 150 gallons of hand sanitizer to EMHS, Tyler Memorial, Meadow View Nursing Facility, Gracious Living Nursing Facility, Susquehanna Emergency Management Agency, Wyoming County Emergency Management Agency, Susquehanna County Courthouse

    Additional sanitizer was also distributed to local volunteer fire departments including:

  • Springville
  • Montrose EMS
  • United Fire(Montrose)
  • Rush
  • New Milford
  • Great Bend-Hallstead EMS
  • Coroner's Office
  • Silver Lake
  • Thompson
  • Susquehanna
  • Barnes-Kasson EMS
  • Forest City Fire
  • Snake Creek
  • Forest Lake
  • Harford
  • Great Bend
  • Little Meadows

    Food Assistance to Medical Facilities

    Cabot provided lunch to over 250 people five times since March 27. Locations include:

  • Commonwealth Health Tyler Memorial Hospital
  • Wyoming County Emergency Management Agency
  • Endless Mountains Health Systems
  • Susquehanna County Emergency Management Agency

    Radio/TV Ads

    At the beginning of April, Cabot began donating their radio airtime to local organizations that needed to broadcast their public service announcements across northeast Pennsylvania. These messages reach over 330,000 people and promote messages from the Red Cross, Trehab, Susquehanna County Interfaith, and more.

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