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About EEIA

Who is EEIA?
The Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance (EEIA) is the association for suppliers of construction, equipment, materials and services for energy production and infrastructure. We are the only organization representing the full spectrum of the supply chain - tens of thousands of companies and millions of workers in all 50 states - supporting production facilities, midstream infrastructure including transmission pipelines, and downstream infrastructure for power generation, storage, processing and export. We are the hard-hats that keep the lights on and keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer. This great scope gives us uniquely powerful impact.

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EEIA Mission and Scope
EEIA is a 501(c)(6) trade association headquartered in Washington, DC. Its members include contractors, supply chain companies, their trade associations and their workers' labor unions. Its mission is to organize, mobilize and lead the supply chain's voices in support of shale energy and related infrastructure development and policies at all levels of government that encourage full and careful development of shale resources while protecting the environment and minimizing community impacts.

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Our Companies and People
EEIA represents the vast community of thousands of locally-based contractor, equipment, materials and service businesses that support shale gas and oil operations. They grow their businesses, provide highly skilled new workers locally for good-paying jobs, and pay taxes in their communities - because of the greatly increased new work from the shale energy boom. These people and firms, and the organizations they belong to, are our members. Here are some of the wide range of products and services they provide to support shale oil and gas exploration, production, transportation and processing.

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About EEIA

Who is EEIA?

EEIA Mission and Scope

Our Companies and People


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Key Issues

Strong Climate Benefits

FERC Approval of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Export Terminals

Streamline Pipeline Permitting

Workforce Needs

State-based Regulation

All Forms of Energy

Access to Energy Resources on Federal Lands

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