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The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is the law governing environmental impact statements (EIS) that must be developed and approved by the Federal Government for energy infrastructure projects, including pipelines, before permits can be issued.

NEPA's implementing regulations are over 40 years old, and have opened the door to abuses and poor administration by government agencies that have resulted in unduly lengthy impact statements - up to 1,000 pages - and a process that can take up to ten years to yield permits to begin construction.

The White House has proposed updates to the regulations to substantially reduce these delays, which restrict opportunities to make important investments that will improve safety, the environment, quality of life and create jobs.

Our growing population and expanding economy mean increased demand for critical infrastructure. That includes not only energy projects but roads, bridges, railways, airways, waterways, transit projects, housing, and telecommunications projects. A modernized NEPA process will improve our ability to make progress in all these areas.

Since the last update in 1978, NEPA reviews have been misused to stoke opposition, create bureaucratic roadblocks, and delay progress through litigation - adding unreasonable costs and hampering economic activity.

NEPA reform is opposed by those who want to block progress. That is why we need your voice in favor of NEPA modernization. Please help by submitting the comments at right to the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), which is asking for public input on the proposed rule.

Comments must be submitted by March 10, 2020.

Tell the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency that you support the proposed new rule preventing states from misusing their authority to deny energy infrastructure project permits.

Help remove roadblocks to project construction permits. Add your contact information and click the send button to ask EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to adopt newly proposed rules that prevent states from using loopholes and ambiguities in current Clean Water Act language to block energy infrastructure projects.

On April 2 EEIA joined execs and workers from Dominion, Duke Energy and member Gregory Poole CAT, together with local civic, business and political leaders to rally support for approval of permits to restart construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

The rally, held at Gregory Poole Equipment's Raleigh, NC headquarters, announced the launch of the "On the Line" petition and social media campaign to mobilize public and industry support for the project, which was put on hold earlier this year by a Court ruling invalidating a key permit. The pipeline is critical to thousands of construction workers, equipment, materials and service suppliers, energy consumers, and communities in all three states. It's added capacity will boost natural gas production in the Marcellus and Utica Shales.

Hosted by the pipeline's EnergySure Coalition of supporters, the campaign's online page includes a petition drive urging policymakers to lift restrictions and allow construction to resume. We urge you send the note at left to Dominion asking them to add your name to the petition, or go directly to the petition site and add it there yourself. Either way will help. Thank you!

USBancorp, parent of U.S. Bank, announced at a recent Annual Meeting of Shareholders their new "Environmental Responsibility Policy." The policy expressly prohibits the bank from financing oil and natural gas pipeline projects. It further subjects new and existing business banking customers who provide construction, equipment, supplies or services to energy infrastructure to discriminatory heightened scrutiny of their policies and practices. This misguided action affects millions of American workers who work hard every day to provide construction, equipment, supplies, logistics, professional services and technology to improve and expand our nations energy infrastructure.

Take action by telling U.S. Bank about your opposition to their ill-advised policy, and urge them to work for energy policies that support the American economy and the hard-working men and women who keep it strong by delivering affordable, clean energy to homes and businesses.

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