Tell EPA to Stop State Abuse of Permitting Rules

Tell the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency that you support the proposed new rule preventing states from misusing their authority to deny energy infrastructure project permits. ... (more)

Sign the Petition - Support the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

On April 2 EEIA joined execs and workers from Dominion, Duke Energy and member Gregory Poole CAT, together with local civic, business and political leaders to rally support for approval of permits to ... (more)

Your Letter to President Trump Needed - FERC Nominee Still Not Identified

A nominee to fill the vacancy on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) still has not been identified by President Trump and submitted to the Senate for confirmation. We are trying to jump-st... (more)

Object to US Bank's Anti-pipeline Policy

Over the past several weeks, we've been beating the drums to call out US Bank for their new discriminatory policy forbidding financing of pipeline projects and subjecting any business supporting those... (more)