New CCUS Study Highlights Pipeline Network Needed

EEIA is leading efforts to assess the potential for widespread adoption of carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) to mitigate carbon emissions. Our key role is focused on CCUS's great potential both t... (more)

CO2 Pipelines - The Next Big Opportunity?

With increasing attention on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions as a primary cause of climate change, there is growing interest in carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) as a mitigating strategy. ... (more)

Fracking Ban? Not a Pretty Picture

A ban on fracking has been proposed by leading candidates for President, the House and the Senate. So far none have defined what that might mean for Americans, our economy and our national security. D... (more)

Sneak Attack on Natural Gas Exports

Normally we wouldn't flag a newly introduced bill that has no chance of passage (at least in this Congress), but this one de... (more)

EEIA Leads Coalition for Permitting Reform

A broad coalition of labor and industry stakeholders has urged EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to adopt proposed new rules for permitting energy infrastructure projects under the Clean Water Act's Se... (more)

Natural Gas and Pipelines Are on the Ballot

Elections are looming, and climate is the hottest subject on the debate agenda. Who wins what next fall will have a decisive impact on our industry's direction over the next decade.... (more)

Why Our Climate Needs Pipelines

EEIA's Toby Mack remarks to the National Conference of State Legislators, Natural Gas Policy Institute on August 28, 2019, addressing the major climate benefits from natural gas for power generation.... (more)

Bloomberg's Folly: Beyond Carbon

Michael Bloomberg announced he will spend $500 million to, among other things, stop the "headlong rush" to natural gas and stop building any new natural gas fired power plants and related infrastructu... (more)

Taking Stock of Opportunities In Energy Infrastructure

America's amazing oil and natural gas production growth, and the investment in related infrastructure this has driven, have exceeded anyone's imagination of just a few years ago. Take a few minutes to... (more)

Bloomberg Spending $.5 Billion to Stop Natural Gas

At the MIT commencement ceremony June 7, Michael Bloomberg announced that his Bloomberg Philanthropies will spend $500 million on a Beyond Carbon campaign. The funds will be used to support po... (more)