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Urge the Army Corps to Issue Keystone XL Permits

To enable an early start for Keystone XL construction, TC Energy is pursuing individual water crossing permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. These are in lieu of the blanket permits under Nationwide Permit 12 that have been invalidated by a Montana Federal judge. The new permits have been applied for and the Army Corps is inviting public comments, which must be received by the Corps by October 12.

We are urging all existing or potential construction stakeholders to send in your comments in support of the project. You can use this platform by filling in the required information. You can also compose a custom letter or email starting with the text opposite and inserting information such as how many of your workers will benefit from the project, the types of services you provide and the locations of any physical facilities you may have in the Montana/South Dakota/Nebraska region.

Your letter can be mailed to the address opposite, or emailed directly to

Thank you for helping bring this vital project to full permitting and construction!

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Omaha District
South Dakota Regulatory Office
28563 Powerhouse Road, Rm. 118
Pierre, SD 57501

RE: Keystone XL Section 10 and Section 401 Permits

To Whom It May Concern:

I work in pipeline construction, and my job depends on pipeline projects moving successfully through the permitting process and into construction.

The Keystone XL project offers me, my family and my co-workers the opportunity to keep working during the pandemic. As the project progresses, many more workers will be needed. When construction is fully underway, Keystone XL will directly employ 10,000 workers. More than 30,000 additional jobs will be created indirectly throughout the economies of the region and beyond. With the challenges we all face from the impacts of COVID-19, this project comes at a critical time to support our families and communities whose needs are immediate and urgent.

I am proud of our industry's record of safety and quality in helping put into service many energy infrastructure projects in the regions this project will serve. Present-day pipeline construction methods employ the best technologies and operate with the highest standards of safety and environmental conservation. Those standards and practices will be front-and-center in my work on Keystone XL.

On behalf of myself, my family and our community, I urge you to issue the necessary Section 10 and Section 404 permits without delay so that construction can begin as soon as possible and I and my fellow workers can get back to work.


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