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Support New NEPA Rules for Energy Infrastructure

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is the law governing environmental impact statements (EIS) that must be developed and approved by the Federal Government for energy infrastructure projects, including pipelines, before permits can be issued.

NEPA's implementing regulations are over 40 years old, and have opened the door to abuses and poor administration by government agencies that have resulted in unduly lengthy impact statements - up to 1,000 pages - and a process that can take up to ten years to yield permits to begin construction.

The White House has proposed updates to the regulations to substantially reduce these delays, which restrict opportunities to make important investments that will improve safety, the environment, quality of life and create jobs.

Our growing population and expanding economy mean increased demand for critical infrastructure. That includes not only energy projects but roads, bridges, railways, airways, waterways, transit projects, housing, and telecommunications projects. A modernized NEPA process will improve our ability to make progress in all these areas.

Since the last update in 1978, NEPA reviews have been misused to stoke opposition, create bureaucratic roadblocks, and delay progress through litigation - adding unreasonable costs and hampering economic activity.

NEPA reform is opposed by those who want to block progress. That is why we need your voice in favor of NEPA modernization. Please help by submitting the comments at right to the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), which is asking for public input on the proposed rule.

Comments must be submitted by March 10, 2020.

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RE: Docket CEQ-2019-0003; Proposed New NEPA Rules

Dear President Trump:

I support your proposal to modernize the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Timely development of critically necessary energy infrastructure depends on these changes to reduce the costs and time required to complete the permitting process.

Protecting the environment and allowing for public input is vital, but the federal permitting process under NEPA has needlessly delayed projects across the country. Modernizing NEPA will bring much-needed transparency and predictability to the federal approval process critical to energy infrastructure projects that protect our environment, grow our economy, enhance quality of life, and improve public safety.

I ask that you move forward with your plans to modernize NEPA so we can continue to provide the infrastructure necessary to deliver the energy that is essential to our people and our economy, and to keeping America moving forward. Thank you.


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