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"Transitioning Away" From Natural Gas and Oil Really Means This

For workers and businesses in the energy infrastructure sector, here's what "transitioning away" from natural gas and oil really means:

  • Potential loss of millions of jobs in energy production and in the supply chain, and countless more jobs in communities in and near producing areas.

  • Energy construction jobs will disappear because few if any new pipelines, processing and power plants will be permitted and built.

  • A ban on energy production on federal lands and offshore will reduce U.S. energy supplies by 25%, raising consumer prices for gasoline and electricity and resulting in more California-style blackouts during hot and cold weather.

  • Banning production on federal lands and offshore will hurt energy workers and companies hard everywhere, but especially in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alabama, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana.

  • Lower supplies of natural gas will raise prices for food and countless other household products that are produced using products derived from natural gas or oil such as plastics and fertilizer.

  • Average wages in oil and gas infrastructure are over $100,000 per year. North America's Building Trades Union's President estimates oil and gas infrastructure construction workers will take a 50 or 75 percent pay cut to transition to jobs in other energy sectors.

  • Less natural gas for electricity production will reverse progress on lower carbon emissions.

  • American energy independence will be lost and we will once again be hostage to unfriendly countries like Russia for our energy supplies.
  • Not taking full advantage of this national treasure is UNWISE.

    America's natural gas is endless, cheap and clean. Thanks to pipelines it's available everywhere, all of the time.

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