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EEIA, Allies Urge President to Stop Saudi-Russian Price War

Just as COVID-19 decimated global demand for crude oil, the Saudis and Russians started a price war by flooding the market with huge new volumes of crude, crashing the price to $20 and below and threatening American shale energy industries, including supply chain companies and workers.

In response, EEIA organized a strong letter to President Trump, co-signed by sixteen major supply chain trade organizations, which we delivered to the White House April 6.

The letter urges the President to use all means at his disposal to press the two countries to end their predatory assault on American energy industries, pointing out that our at-risk infrastructure businesses and workers account for three out of four jobs in overall shale energy-related sectors.

Special thanks to the many EEIA members who answered our call last week to send individual letters to the President with a similar message.

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